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last update 2016 October 17

All my items below are for sale (or can be traded for other game parts). What you see is what you get.

Payment for European buyers by IBAN / BIC money transfer only. Buyers from UK or USA can use PayPal.

Please be informed the shipping costs from Belgium are rather high (+/- 12,5 Euros). I can send from Belgium or from The Netherlands.

Shipping from Belgium
Shipping from The Netherlands

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Dutch board game "Dampfros" with 4 maps (9,-EU)

Betrayal at House on the Hill (1st edition) (26,-EU)

Targui (1988) (11,-EU)

2 complete Dragon Dice sets + Rules + Bags + Box (15,00EU)

Citadel Journal 47 (2,50EU)

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PAGE 3 (Necromunda, HeroClix)
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PAGE 6 (GI Joe) I do sell at BoardGameGeek too: BoardGameMarket

Contact me by email: tommy at toco dot be

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